Artists You Should Know: UGHH Share Their Chaotically Visceral Energy On New EP “The Lens”

UGHH by James Duran

Los Angeles punk rockers UGHH have just shared their latest EP in the form of The Lens, a collection of two singles that fully baptize listeners in the four-piece’s love of unhinged chaos. UGHH will also be playing three shows in SoCal this month: the first at Permanent Records in Los Angeles on Apr. 7; The Slipper Clutch on Apr. 20; and at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach on Apr. 22.


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Comprised of Matt Scotch (guitar/vocals), John Reid (guitar), Hank Smith (drums), and Jimmy Nickerson (bass) the quartet formed back in 2021 and has spent their time since figuring out how to transport their crazed live energy into their studio recordings. Their latest release reveals exactly what success in that department looks like: a sulfurous release of zealous intensity that’s impossible to resist.

From the moment the EP kicks off with title track and opener “The Lens” the members of UGHH make their mark with their sweltering delivery. The purpose of which was to give fans just a small taste of what seeing them live would entail. Steeped in their chaotically visceral sonics UGHH pummel away on “The Lens” as if they were right there before you onstage, burning it down with their exchange of spiraling riffs and Scotch’s firebomb vocals. But if it’s not a throaty wailing keeping you pitched at the pinnacle of the band’s olympian energy it’s their vicious electric guitar work or emphatic drumming.


The second song on the EP “Sick” similarly carries the weight of the band’s live delirium. One that switch-foots between thunderous howlings delivered via Scotch’s tattered vocals and Reid’s meteoric guitar before dropping into this muffled slow-burn. Which only serve to build the anxious tension until it all explodes once more rather spectacularly.

Everything about these two songs points to UGHH’s fiery delivery live which fans will have a chance to experience themselves this summer when they head out in support of the EP. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for new music as they’re planning on recording their debut LP next month! In the meantime be sure to give a listen to UGHH’s previous singles like the rollicking “Livin Will Be the Death of You” and “He Is Dead… Ughh Is Live.”

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See UGHH at Permanent Records in Los Angeles on Apr. 7; The Slipper Clutch on Apr. 20; and at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach on Apr. 22.

Visit UGHH on their Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “THE LENS” and “SICK” two new singles from UGHH below!

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