Ergo, Bria Pledges To Raise Chaos On New Single “Nobody Can Stop Me (I’m Gonna Be Like Madonna)” (feat. Troi Irons)

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Ergo, Bria is back with another rip-roaring new single with the release of “Nobody Can Stop Me (I’m Gonna Be Like Madonna)” (feat. Troi Irons). It’s the third new song the Nashville-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer has shared this year following previous releases “Can’t Wait” (feat. In the Mourning) and “Teeth.” Bria McCollum — the stalwart and ardent voice behind the project — continues to lean heavily on the brash and invigorating sonics that come from her heavy rock/metal and punk influences. Reveling in the explosive release of pent-up energy that seems to flood her music with its dueling guitars and rabid percussion.


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“Nobody Can Stop Me (I’m Gonna Be Like Madonna)” bursts forth carried by an unrelenting melody that’s fueled as much by the band’s incendiary energy as it is from McCollum’s wails. As the title suggests, the song rushes through a list of fellow artists that share Ergo, Bria’s insatiable thirst to burn bright. From Madonna and Rihanna to Nirvana — the name drops share more than just rhyming names — as they embody the kind of disruptive and non-conforming spirit that the band aspires to. But it’s also a raucous pledge by McCollum to never allow herself to be dimmed or deflated by the naysayers, to make music that rails against any attempt to keep her boxed in or pigeon-holed.


Lending her own riotous vigor to the song’s tumultuous revolutions, Troi Irons is found howling right there alongside McCollum on her band. “Maybe I’ll crash the car and run it off the bridge / Because the system’s broken,” she sings against the feral sonics. “Cause all calamity cause all catastrophe ya.” The soul of the song’s energy is unfettered defiance and that’s exactly what “Nobody Can Stop Me (I’m Gonna Be Like Madonna)” because an anthem for. Its blazing finale ends in an abrupt halt as the cacophony cuts out and all that’s left is the whispered coy taunt: “You can’t stop me.” Ergo, Bria’s momentum is unstoppable at this point and a debut EP or LP can’t be too far off at this point. But when it does it’s going to implode the intersections of genre from which McCollum creates her virulent music.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Nobody Can Stop Me (I’m Gonna Be Like Madonna)” (feat. Troi Irons) the new single from Erg, Bria below!

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