Artists You Should Know: Wander Into The Lush Synth-Pop Cascades of Bloodline With New Single “Somedaze”


Minnesota band Bloodline has shared a new single with the release of “Somedaze,” the latest in a string of dreamily subdued synth-pop singles. Comprised of American-Brazilian siblings Eliza (writing & background vocals), Lukas (production & keys), and Julia Wheaton (writing & lead vocals) the trio released their debut record Daze in 2021. Revealing themselves to be lovers of lush bedroom-pop ballads and stirring electronica, they followed up the collection with further stellar singles like the thrummingly spacious “Home” and the heady dancefloor track “You + I.”


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With “Somedaze,” the trio plays to the riveting strengths of their propulsive pop hooks and Julia’s soaring vocal deliveries. Against its buoyant melodics and swirling synths she gives voice to the anxiety that comes with overthinking: “Somedays I feel like I’m overdoing / The things that are making me / Lose my mind,” she coos. Crystalline and cutting Julia’s vocals are aglow with both heartache and vigor, while Eliza’s cries fill the background with their softly cooed beauty.

The single represents some of the more enrapturing elements of Bloodline’s music, from their enchanting soundscapes to the powerfully moving espousements of emotion that are given voice in their songwriting. The trio finds themselves untethered from any one genre, preferring instead to fuse a variety of influences into their abundantly sonorous and at times anthemic creations.


Previous singles like “You + I” pulsate with an impossible-to-resist but sonically dimmed energy, made as much for the dancefloor as they are for soundtracking sensually brooding late-night drives. Here their penchant for mesmeric electronica and bass finds a gripping fruition that grows and fades in these rapt flows. While last year’s releases in “Home” and “Running” honed in on their capacity to create the kind of synth-streaked ballads imbued with as much melancholic heartache as they are with lofty triumph. And if you find yourself needing more Bloodline to listen to their record Daze has eight songs that radiate with the trio’s plunges from ecstatic electronica to the depths of darkly-atmospheric pop.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Somedaze” the new single from Bloodline below!

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