Stream The New Dance Track “Quema” A Collaboration Between Sinego, Angélica Garcia, and French Braids


Colombia/Mexican artist Sinego has shared a new single with the release of “Quema,” a fiery dance collaboration with Angélica Garcia and French Braids. You also have a chance to see Sinego tomorrow night at The Echo in Los Angeles on May 12. It’s a collision of immeasurable talent on this thrumming new track, one that brings together the trio’s love of creating mesmerizing soundscapes. The new single is nothing short of a globetrotting anthem that is destined to infect clubs and bodies around the world.


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“Quema” opens with a solitary but addictive beat that pummels away alongside Garcia’s side-winding vocals. The Los Angeles artist brings their alluring voice to the spellbinding movements of the track, which are supplied by Sinego and Canadian musician French Braids. The presence of these two leads to a sublime mixture of Latin influences and the latter’s incorporation of house and jazz threads.


Kept aloft by an array of blaring horns, frenetic percussion, and this kinetically dreamy energy, “Quema” crescendos and climaxes not just once or even twice. These weave themselves throughout the track, adding ever-elusive and captivating layers to each new medley that burst from it. Creating an irresistible collection of tangled rhythms, heady beats, and sublime instrumentals.

As you lose yourself in the bass that passionately urges your body to find a way to move in tandem with its elastic rhythm, you find yourself perpetually enamored by the trio’s ecstatic dynamism. Sinego is well-known for his knack for international collaborations and if this is your first introduction to any of these stellar artists you’re in for a treat. And this latest offering reveals the lush music that the Americas has to offer.

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See Sinego at The Echo in Los Angeles on May 12.

Visit Sinego on their Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Keep up with Angélica Garcia on their websiteTwitter, and Instagram.

Follow French Braids on their Instagram.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Quema” the new single from Sinego featuring Angélica Garcia and French Braids below!

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