Artists You Should Know: Fake Dad Rallies Alongside the Flawed But Powerful “Fashion Girl” On New Single

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Alt-pop outfit Fake Dad is back with another invigorating single that comes in the form of a driving new-wave melody titled “Fashion Girl.” The new songs signal a shift in the duo’s sonic explorations, revealing their newfound fascination with both Russian dark wave and post-punk. But their latest offering also hones in on a personal intersection with the fashion industry and serves as a brash but honest reflection on its more malignant side.


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Borne out of a falling out with a childhood best friend who also happened to be a fashion major — as well as a member of a “wealthy UES Manhattan type family” —the track is as much a criticism of the titular fashion girl as it is against the industry that takes advantage of their desire for beauty and power. At its core “Fashion Girl” is about reclamation and flipping that power dynamic on its head.

“Put on my pretty face,” they howl against the track’s anxiously thrusting medley. “Pretend the pains all gone away. With its blistering and buzzing soundscapes, the track bends elastically between frenetic and ecstatic. Driven to the absolute limit by the droning riffs, heady electronica, and thrumming beats that radiate from it. It’s a powerful song that serves an impassioned catharsis for anyone who has struggled with comparing their appearance to unattainable or unrealistic beauty standards.


Comprised of Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, the Brooklyn duo of Fake Dad has been releasing singles for the last few years, enthralling with their eclectic soundscapes that traverse everything from 90s riot grrrl punk to sleek and nostalgic electronica. If you enjoyed “Fashion Girl” then it’d be well worth your while to check out the rest of Fake Dad’s discography.

Which includes their other 2023 single “Maybe Next Year,” a hazily dreamy track that wafts along suspended by its buoyant melancholy. Their 2021 debut EP Old Baby is a standout collection in its own right and reveals just how much the band has changed, as well as their phenomenal range, with its soulful R&B and bedroom pop introspections.

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Visit Fake Dad on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Fashion Girl” the new single from Fake Dad below!

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