Artists You Should Know: Los Angeles Duo Sneakpeek Cut A Vibrant Path Through Dreamy Synth-Pop On New Single And Music Video “Strawberry Reality”


Los Angeles duo Sneakpeek is gearing up for the imminent arrival of their sophomore album Scene Within a Dream, sharing its latest single and music video with the release of “Strawberry Reality.” The band is the brainchild of Southern California natives Dora Hiller and Aric Bohn who first started making music together over a decade ago. It wasn’t long before they forged a bond over their love of creating mesmeric soundscapes that brim with vibrant dream pop and are haunted by murky grunge rock phantasms.


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The band’s return has been heralded by a string of singles that have also indicated a sea-change to their sound that sees them leaning into a far more riveting melodic earnestness. Take their latest single “Strawberry Reality,” which arrives as this retro-soaked transmission that’s been filtered through Sneakpeek’s gauzy fantasia of spellbinding synthesizers.

The track gushes from every electronic tone and texture a chromatic emotionality that’s both elusive and curiously poignant. It’s against this digital pop tapestry that Hiller’s ghostly vocals wade into view, eerily alluring in a way that echoes her own fascination with the vintage relics of eras past.


“Strawberry Reality” also comes with a music and lyric video that offers up the band’s retro-gleaming aesthetics in a series of mind-melting visuals. Both Hiller and Bohn appear in their sleek vintage fits, performing the song as they’re projected over the crackling image of a plasma ball and dayglo-esque patterns. The whole production looks like the kind of video you’d find if you stumbled into some karaoke bar playing deep-cut and otherworldly music videos from another decade.

The previous singles shared off the new record include the bass-rupturing “Serendipity” and the galvanized synth-pop dazzler “Dreams That You Discarded.” Both tracks are ardently dance-provoking anthems, pulsating dynamos of bewitching energy that’s made all the more magnetic by their heady soundscapes and the way they bristle with electrifying glam-rock riffs. They also come with equally mind-melting music videos that are well worth a viewing, if only to seek deeper into the sensory wonderland their songs provide.

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Scene Within A Dream the new album from Sneakpeek is out on Jun. 2.

Visit Sneakpeek on their Bandcamp and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Strawberry Reality” the new single from Sneakpeek below!

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