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Los Angeles avant-garde pop visionary Cassie Marin has shared a new music video for her single “Mundo Dulce,” the title track from their forthcoming new album Mundo Dulce. She has already shared its first two songs — “Freak” and “Ahoy” — with plans to release the record in parts over the next few months. It will serve as the follow-up to the artist’s enthralling sophomore effort Lil 5I5 which arrived just last year in the form of an expansive 19-track collection. Though it should come as no surprise that Marin’s next project will have just as ambitious in both its breadth and enthralling world-building.


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With “Mundo Dulce,” Marin finds herself submerged within a soundscape filled with concussive beats and wandering electronica. One of the defining tenets of her music has always been its ability to grip the imagination, carving out this cavernous space of resounding sonics and the ethereal aura she exudes. Her latest offering does just that and more — opening up a portal into the world that Mundo Dulce arrives sublimely from.

“[It’s] a place I made for myself where everything, everyone is sweet and kind,” Marin said via Instagram. “Where all living creatures are safe to roam, explore and flourish.” That verdancy also gushes from the track’s buoyant melodics and her own dreamily sleek vocals. A desire for intimacy and affection drives its enthralling atmospherics, haunting its melody and your eardrums long after it has faded.

“Mundo Dulce” also comes with a music video that offers up a divine array of visuals to mirror the song’s otherworldly ambiance. Filmed by Gerardo De Sousa, it centers around a mesmerizing dance choreographed by Marin and Gretchen Ackreman. Atop a black pedestal, the duo performs a stunning routine that finds them entangled and illuminated beneath a massive square lighting structure. Every movement unfolds as this paced but striking expenditure of gracefulness and strength. Contorting their bodies to the buoyant punctuation offered by the track’s thrumming rhythm and subdued ecstasy.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “mundo dulce” the new single from Cassie Marin below!

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