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Ceci Bastida has shared a new single with the release of her combustive new track “D$NERO” (feat. Quetzal Flores, Martha Gonzalez). It arrives as the first track the Los Angeles artist has shared this year following last year’s “No Tengas Miedo” and “Dale,” all of which have contributed to her return after the pandemic placed so much on pause. But the Tijuana-born phenomenon is officially back with another hypnotically captivating track with the release of their latest single — bringing together Chicano and Chicana activists Quetzal Flores and Martha Gonzalez for the ride.


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“D$NERO” is a bass-pummeling track that sees the three artists come together to create something truly mesmeric. Bastida weaves her razor-sharp lyricism through the dark concussive depths of the song’s heavy beats, intoning ferociously: “Sólo quiero más dinero / Lo queue quiero es más dinero.” The track is a thundering sonic mass that crackles with rabidly tireless energy and absolutely never lets up. One that was designed to rupture speakers and resound headily across dancefloors with its insatiable kineticism.

Guided by the jaunty acoustic rhythms that trace every bass implosion, Bastida appears as a relentless vision. One that cycles itself through the song’s rhythmically droning repetitions. Once you’re synced to the spellbinding chants and low-pitched bursts that fill “D$NERO” you will find it an impossible allure to escape from. This is perhaps the point of the song itself — mirroring the trance-like fixation we have with money to the track’s incredibly addictive melodic bumps and electronic enthrallment.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “D$NERO” the new single from Ceci Bastida below!

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