Though he’s big in the South Korean indie scene, Korean-Australian artist Peter Lee, now going by his solo pseudonym Munan, is perhaps more in line with indie-pop artists in the States with “Once Upon a Time.” Ever since moving to South Korea from Australia, he quickly made a name for himself as an artist and producer, making up one-half of the duo Chimmi and producing for groups like Super Junior and Day 6. Now, having moved again, but this time into a new home studio, songs like “Once Upon a Time” proves his best material is coming out through the Munan name.


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Lee’s newest single is the fifth to be released after debuting late last year with “Your Life,” an impressive feat considering how impeccably produced every single song has been so far. Beginning with an oscillating sound that bounces from ear to ear like a ping pong paddle, Lee takes his time to enter the track and lets the beat do most of the talking. When he eventually starts singing, his digitized vocals glide across mountains and valleys of electronic-pop inflictions, supplying the instrumentation with just the right amount of bleeps and bloops to make a Star Wars droid jealous.

What really takes “Once Upon a Time” to another level is the wavy guitar, reverberating in and out without ever sounding any less than slick or smooth alongside an already great instrumental. It also energizes the song, bringing a momentary breath of fresh air before going back to the mellow groove. And that’s what makes Lee’s career thus far so promising. He never stays in one place, both literally and within the music. Luckily for Lee, whose equal love for musical cues like funky basslines and ever so slightly psychedelic twinges, he combines just the right amount of indie-pop ingredients for anyone to enjoy.

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Words: David Sosa

“Once Upon a Time” by Munan is out on all streaming services. For more on his music and live shows, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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