Coming from the release of Canadian DJ and producer Rezz’s latest offering, IT’S NOT A PHASE, she and electronic singer Alice Glass fame are teaming up for the new single, “Not Enough.”

Although it might appear to be a departure for those unfamiliar with Alice Glass’ solo work, the dark electro-pop song falls quite neatly alongside other recent releases and collaborations. If anything, it shows the scope of her talents and an ability to successfully crossover into different genres not often associated with her when she first broke out onto the scene.


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It might be called “Not Enough,” but the track finds the two giving it their all and successfully bridging EDM to the broader world of electronic music with a healthy dose of rock influence. Initially beginning to the sound of a gloomy guitar that sounds like it’s played at the bottom of a well, Rezz quickly shifts gears and cranks everything up to an 11 once the beat drops.

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The previously delicate guitar turns razor-sharp, disrupting any semblance of a simple melody. Following suit is Glass’ delicate yet defeated vocals, which fully embody the paranoid atmosphere and are amplified by a multitude of reverb manipulations. Her shouts in the song’s chorus make it as if she’s a possessed ghost in the machine of Rezz’s making, keeping true to her punk-inspired image.

Looking from the outside, Rezz might seem like a left-of-center choice for Alice Glass to collaborate with. But considering Rezz herself is a well-known DJ in the EDM circle, often sporting her signature red goggles, they both bring something unique to the table, not unlike Glass’ recent song with Boyz Noise and Pussy Riot. The unique blend is instead a happily welcomed switch up for Glass and Rezz, keeping matters unpredictable and in high anticipation at the same time.

Words: David Sosa

“Not Enough” by Alice Glass and Rezz is out on all streaming services. For more on new music and live shows, follow Alice Glass and Rezz on Instagram.

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