Australian rising artist Lemonade Baby has shared another entrancing track with the release of “Tints,” which also features a new collaboration with Kevin Collett. Adding to his already expansive collection of stellar alt-dance-pop singles that traverse a sublime melding of the early ’00s and later ’10s fixation with nostalgic electro-pop. Since his arrival on the scene in 2020 he’s made a name for himself by creating these ever-morphing, vibrant soundscapes.


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Lemonade Baby’s latest release “Tints” was inspired by a sudden moment of inspiration from a melody they heard while at work. Gripped by the sound, he proceeded to record an instantaneous voice memo. The result is a track that combines his love of hypnotic indie-dance beats that’s been cranked up to fill both club and dancefloor with a torrid intimacy.

One that ebbs and flows on a velvety groove of layered vocals and galloping beats as it narrates a night of flirtatious and euphoric rendezvous: “I can feel you call me on the floor / I can’t argue cos I hear your call.” Lemonade Baby is also joined on the track by Kevin Collett who adds his vocals and bars to the bass thrumming melody.

As he enters his third year of releasing music Lemonade Baby stands atop a heap of genre-shifting releases. His very first-ever single “Would You Be Friends With Me” signaled his tendency toward bringing together a melange of textures and tones from across the ecstatic realms of synth-pop and dance electronica. His two most recent singles will enthrall your ears with dreamy creations his music has now evolved into: from the revolving disco-shimmering glamor of “Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on)” to the much more modern beat banger “Make Myself.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Tints” the new single from Lemonade Baby below!

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