Ahead of their second album and US tour of the same name, A Quieter Life, LA-based electronic duo Hallows are anything but quiet when it comes to their second single, “I Am Destroyed.” Made up of musicians Vanee Dusoruth and Dom Rolando, the two formed the group when they met in Minneapolis before moving to Los Angeles after a short period in Seattle.


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Describing their music as “darkwave but with a modern electronic approach,” “I Am Destroyed” backs up that claim right from the get-go. The punchy drum beat seemingly aims to catch people off guard and forces you to get up on your feet as if your life depended on it. Coming in just as smoothly as the sinister bassline, Rolando begins singing in a distinct baritone style that goes against the brief, glimmering synths that come into the fray amid Rolando’s talk of destruction.

Going against Rolando’s disappointment in the face of the afterlife, the glossy production stuns as the stark difference distinguishing Hallows from other darkwave artists experimenting with distortion. Through and through, the instrumental is void of rough-around-the-edges faults, proving the two know what they’re doing on the musical front.

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Darker Waves 2023

Emphasizing the dark in darkwave, the visuals for “I Am Destroyed” similarly depict a surreal and often off-putting vision. Two people, perhaps standing in for Dusoruth and Rolando, walk along the beach dressed in black BDSM outfits more fitting in a seedy Medieval dungeon than out in the sun. Their lounging might appear ordinary if it weren’t for what they were wearing, at least before they cut fruits with a dagger and throw flowers into the ocean.

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The sounds of Hallows’ music may ring familiar to anyone who listens to electronic music of a darker shade. Comparisons could be made for days, but that would be pointless, considering their hyper-focused musical style is surprisingly well-developed for a duo that began less than five years ago. And with enough accumulated material to fuel a full-fledged US tour, Hallows shows a lot of promise in an already sizable catalog.

Words: David Sosa

“I Am Destroyed” by Hallows is out on all streaming services. For more on new music and live shows, including an LA stop at El Cid on August 7, follow them on Instagram and Bandcamp.


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