Los Angeles outfit Levitation Room has returned with a new single and music with the release of “Scene For An Exit.” The track also arrives as both a preview of their forthcoming new album and their first piece of new music in three years. Effectively ending the drought for their cosmically resplendent and hallucinatory rock.


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From the moment they released their blissfully intoxicating debut EP Minds of Our Own, the band has remained an indelible part of California’s psych-rock scene. Now they’re prepping for their third record and pushing the sonic boundaries of their mind-bending creations with their latest offering “Scene For An Exit.”

Driven by jittery bass and the warped gleam of guitars, the song cuts a groovily melancholic and blue-toned spiral through the moments leading up to a relationship’s supernova-like dissolution. One that evaporates their previously characteristic sonorously lush atmospheres in favor of spotlighting the track’s electrifying riffs. Transforming its dreary glumness into this transcendent and entrancing echo of heartache.

The new track also comes with a music video directed by Alfredo Lopez that envisions the song as the soundtrack for one person’s particularly eviscerating break-up experience. One that opens with an excruciating voicemail that effectively severs the relationship and leaves the other person stumbling and floundering in the aftermath. As they get in their car and crank “Scene For An Exit” the film offers up shots of them trying to cope as they wander the city and surround themselves with company — yet the distractions prove fruitless as they’re still haunted by memories.

“‘Scene For An Exit’ was one of the first songs we wrote on this forthcoming album. It’s a song that came naturally to us while we were jamming in our studio one day, so nothing about it was preconceived. I was going through a breakup at the time, so the lyrics reflect the end of a relationship and the feeling of rejection after the attempt to reconcile, hence the chorus line: ‘I don’t want you around.'”

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Scene For An Exit” the new single from Levitation Room below!

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