London-based Eden Rain has shared a transfixing new song from her upcoming new EP with the release of the melodically sprightly “Terry and Julie.” The release earlier this year of her debut in the form of the six-track GUTTER VISION successfully carved out a beguiling and potent niche of alt-pop for her to occupy. Unbound by genre pigeon-holes, the music she creates is defined by ecstatic emotion and refreshing originality.


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Rain’s new single “Terry and Julie” illuminates the coy beginnings of a budding love affair that’s burrowed itself into the heart or mind of two star-crossed lovers. Her playfully sardonic lyricism captures both the ire of their spouses and their impulsive willingness to derail each other’s lives. While also tenderly giving voice to the inescapable yearning for the chance to reignite the passion of an old flame.

The song was partially inspired by The Kinks’ song “Waterloo Sunset,” the lyrics of which mention a romantic rendezvous between two people of the same name. Rain piggybacks the song to imagine the spiraling chain of emotions that unfold in the aftermath of that first meeting. “Terry and Julie reconnected online months ago,” she coos in her lambent voice against a lilting tangle of riffs. “Their spouses are uncomfortable / It’s Terry this and Julie that.”

Buoyed by the elastic beats and jaunty rhythms that flow from the song’s melody, Rain lends a bittersweet and alluring sheen to a messy situation. One that honestly captures the damning lengths and mad risks people are willing to take in the hopes of grasping a happiness they’d thought had already been relinquished. As she coos near the end of the song: “He says I’ll explode my world if you do too / She says it’ll be nice to feel something new.”

“Terry and Julie” also comes with a music video created by Rain. Offering an affectionate visualization of the song’s resurgent love affair as it occurs between two adorable teddy bears. Its various scenes depicting moments of cute intimacy between the brown-furred companions as they build a life together.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Terry and Julie” the new single from Eden Rain below!

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