DeathbyRomy is showing no signs of slowing down with the release of her latest collaboration “Offender,” jumping on the track with fellow rising artist heffy to give it that bloody flair only she can conjure up. It’s the latest delectable bit of new music to be unveiled by the patron saint of nightmarish electro-pop. Following a string of ferociously addictive singles she’s released this year like “Crazy” and “Late Nights.”


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Pulsating with irresistible bass cut by streaks of shrieking synths, “Offender” is a magnetizing and manic rush made all the more enigmatic by DeathbyRomy’s enthralling aura. It’s a track that revels as much in its frayed and ecstatic sonics as it does in the visceral torment that gushes from the duo’s vocals. As the track begins, heffy appears frantic and blustering as he storms through a pummeling of beats and violent electronica.

“And I’m always searching for a sign that’s never out there,” DeathbyRomy ruminates at the start of her verse. “Fall in love to break my heart cus nothing in this life’s fair.” Ever a lightning rod of existential dread and the scars of heartbreak, her interlude burns fiercely at the center of the track. Her strident cries slice through the heady noise as they give voice to this unbearable anguish and hopelessness. Balancing it all on the razor’s edge of the song’s raging melody and her own defiant howls.

“Offender” also comes with a music video directed by mangohell and heffy — one that accurately matches the track’s feverishly agitated energy. Blurry and disorienting it serves as a kind of madcap lyric video that collages shots of both heffy and DeathbyRomy performing the song alongside a hectic array of other images. All of which serve to bolster the track’s already haunting ambiance with its harrowingly trippy aesthetics and visuals.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Offender” the new single from heffy featuring DeathbyRomy below!

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