Canadian artist MINOE revels in the intoxicating ecstasy of accepting sensitivity as a source of strength on her debut EP Bleeding Heart’s Disco. After celebrating with a release party earlier this month, she has another live date scheduled for 2023 in Montreal, QC. True to its title, the six-track collection envelops you in the euphoria of disco-tinted pop made all the more tantalizingly irresistible by MINOE’s effortless swagger and heart-on-her-sleeve songwriting.

Beneath the blissful spirals of energy generated by the EP is evidence of MINOE’s hard-won self-acceptance. Although she only started releasing music back in 2019, the troubled circumstances of her home led her to take up songwriting at an early age to process trauma. As well as giving voice to her empowering devotion to queer visibility.

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Her music — which is constantly evolving — represents an attempt to foster a safe space within which fans can cauterize their wounds with the help of her ardent dance tracks. Early singles like “Best for You” and “Burden” revealed a taste for R&B/soul-tinged confessionals, while tracks like “Cellphone” and “Might Be” rooted themselves in catchy but cathartic alt-pop.

But don’t let her emotional sincerity and empathy fool you — just because she identifies with having a bleeding heart doesn’t mean she’ll take your shit. Opening track “Cut Me Loose” syncs its thrilling electronica to an emphatic liberation from those who’d rather use and abuse your love rather than reciprocate it. “And now, I’m seein’ clearer / I can’t make you and I shouldn’t make you stay,” MINOE confesses with urgency. “You always wanted me to lose / And I shouldn’t have to choose.”

On “Cherry,” amidst the dark shudderings of synths and bass, she wrangles with the sultry attachment and searing heartache of a passionate romance that’s run its course. The emotive and melodic turbulence within “Hands” finds MINOE reflecting on whether or not it’s worth the effort to persevere in a relationship that’s been tarnished by lies: “Baby, you’ve got me split in two / Do I choose me, do I choose you?”

But the second half of Bleeding Heart’s Disco offers a euphoric release from the woes of the heart. “Plastik” — overflowing with sleek pop hooks and infused with her charming bravado — arrives as the resounding anthem for the EP’s titular discotheque. Then there’s “Sonny & Cher,” which pines after the kind of shimmering love embodied by the iconic American pop duo and couple. At the same time, “Love U Bby” relishes vocalizing her heartfelt affection.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to Bleeding Heart’s Disco the new EP from MINOE below!