MINOVA creates effortlessly cool bedroom pop radiating with emotive and melodic warmth. Their latest single, “Where Do I Go,” is a dreamy distillation of the kind of sonically ebullient confessionals they’ve charmed an ever-growing online following with. Caught in the bittersweet fringes of their teenage years, the handful of singles shared thus far have ensured their rise amongst the ranks of Gen Z artists.

Already MINOVA has proven to be a profoundly affecting and original singer/songwriter and producer. One of their first breaks is owed to their easily recognizable talents. When they were just 15, they collaborated with Austrian artist and producer Yajin on the songs “Inner Us” and “Sanity.” The tracks soon made it onto FM4 Radio — the country’s largest radio station — quickly establishing them as an internationally appreciated artist.

More recently, they were featured on Dubai Eye 103.8 Radio and Dubai One. With familial roots in both Arabia and the Philippines, MINOVA’s music is oriented toward and adeptly touches people of all ages and backgrounds. The elegant relatability of their poignant introspections is a hallmark of the music they’ve released in recent years.

Debut single “I Miss You So” ebbs with gauzy melodics and radiant guitars as she waxes forlorn over the distance that keeps two people apart. They followed that release with the downtempo “If You Were Mine,” an effervescent and melancholia-laden slow dance through their most intimate romantic yearnings.

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Now, MINOVA is preparing for the arrival of their forthcoming debut EP with the release of “Where Do I Go?” It is a track that conjures a far more enveloping emotional and sonic resonance than prior singles. Against the alluring radiance of overlapping guitar and earnest percussion, they weave a litany of urgent meditations on the trajectory of their life and relationships.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Where Do I Go” the new single from MINOVA.