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Celebrating 80 Years of Prohibition Appeal, Here are 5 of the Best Speakeasies in Los Angeles

IMAGNO/Austrian Archives — Getty Images I think we’re all thankful that 80 years ago today, prohibition was repealed and Americans were able to get legally drunk again. A positive aesthetic that came from prohibition and that has been growing in popularity today, are the speakeasy-type bars. From Hollywood hipsters to vacationing tourists, everyone loves the […]

Halloween in Los Angeles – Top 5 Places to Get Laid on Halloween

Halloween time is the sluttiest time of the year and as many of you Angelinos already experienced this past weekend, even the most inhibited of girls let out their inner slut with redundant beer maid dresses or sexy Disney characters. We also find men coming out from under their masks with a full jar of […]

New Year’s Eve 2011 Concerts, Clubs & Bars in Los Angeles – Where to go for New Year’s Eve

Glass Candy at the Echoplex – Photo: Wei Shi Whether 2011 was an amazing year for you, or sucked some serious balls — I think we can all agree that we’re ready for 2012. Why not close your year out with a bang!? Check out our custom show list for cool New Year’s Eve events to […]

What's Going on This Weekend LA?

A lot of good shows and events this weekend, but honestly, my head is here. But I’m also UBER sad that I couldn’t make it to Austin City Limits, where I should be…That’s okay though, we have an awesome photog and writer covering the sold-out festival in Zilker Park! Stay tuned for shots, interviews and […]

Thrasher Presents the Skate Rock Tour

Terrorizing the West Coast May 1- 11, 2008, hide your women and kids cause the boys are coming to ya town near you! TENTATIVE DATES 5/1/2008 – Las Vegas,NV: Dive Bar(8pm) 5/3/2008 – Madera,CA: Madera Skate Park (11am-4pm) 5/4/2008 – Sacramento,CA: 28th & B Skate Park-The Hanger (2pm-9pm) 5/6/2008 – Reno,NV: Open Ground Skate Park […]