Halloween in Los Angeles – Top 5 Places to Get Laid on Halloween

Halloween time is the sluttiest time of the year and as many of you Angelinos already experienced this past weekend, even the most inhibited of girls let out their inner slut with redundant beer maid dresses or sexy Disney characters. We also find men coming out from under their masks with a full jar of moxy to hit on just about any girl. The final result of such an evening is a lot of debauchers sex and bad decisions through beer-goggles and face paint.

Want to get laid this Halloween (even though it’s a school night)? Check out one of these spot below!

  • West Hollywood Costume Carnaval @ Santa Monica Boulevard from Doheny Drive to La Cienega Boulevard
     Now this is a sigh to see. If you’ve never been to the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival, you’re missing out. The place where gay boys hook-up with straight girls and straight girls hook up with straight girls — everyone goes buck-wild here!
  • Bleached covering the Misfits & Ramones, Hunx as Gayracula, Heaven @ The Echo
    We all know them Bleached girls love to party. Not to mention, Jennifer Calvin is quite the flirt with a big booty that she likes to show-off. Fun hot girls that rock attract more hot girls and a whole slew of horny boys. Also, on the bill is Hunx (Seth Bogart) and we all know this boy ain’t scerd to show some skin and shake that good thang. From straight folk to gay folk — this is going to be one drunk, punk-infused smooch fest.
  • Muse Costume Ball @ LACMA
    This year’s ball is inspired by the legendary filme director/producer, Stanley Kubrick. It may be a fancy “adult” and not very teeny-bopper hipster slut-down — but this event is sure to bring out some beautiful men and women in the art and film world that are ready to shake their masquerade feathers in the hopes of kiss. With a couple free drinks included in the admission, you best believe peeps are gettin’ saucy and loose at LACMA.
  • SPOOKY TU SHOES Halloween Party @ Harvard and Stone
    Snuggled in Thai Town right next to Los Feliz, Harvard and Stone always attracts a good-looking crowd. Tonight will featuring HAPPY HAUS – The Siouxsie and the Banshees tribute band With your Goodie DJs: Patrick Melcher Erick B. Good and Whiskey Beard. This places has a lot of nooks & crannies, perfect to get your swerve on (or at least started). Not to mention, Jumbos is just a hop, skip, jump and away …
  • 4100 Bar  @ Silver Lake
    If all else fails and you don’t want to get all dressed up or hit up a Halloween event, you can always rely on the good ole 4100. Providing endless beer-goggles and walk-of-shames in Silver Lake for many years now, you can surely pull some ass at this venue. The drinks are stiff and the men are just the same.


3 thoughts on “Halloween in Los Angeles – Top 5 Places to Get Laid on Halloween

  1. Adam L

    The Maroon 5 Halloween Costume Party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary is where it’s AT tonight.

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