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Must-See Coachella Undercard: DMA’s – Aussies with a Britpop punch

If you’ve been holding your breath for Oasis to make a return since breaking up almost a decade ago, you can exhale. No, the Gallagher brothers haven’t patched things up and announced they’re back together, but there’s another band ready to continue the Britpop legacy that Oasis helped build. The intriguing thing is these guys […]

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Hollywood Bowl magically whipped by epic Blur and Courtney Barnett bill; Fred Armisen guests

The first concert I ever saw was Oasis in 2005. Tuesday night, I was at the Hollywood Bowl, one of the most iconic music venues on the west coast, to see Blur — their biggest rivals in the Britpop invasion. As I took in a momentous, nearly two-hour performance from Damon Albarn and his mates, […]

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