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Beastie Boys Added to Street Scene, Yo!

San Diego’s hot music festival, Street Scene just keeps on laying down the phat! Just added: BEASTIE BOYS! Known for being clad in eccentric matching suits, this visionary trio has taken the music industry by storm for decades connecting with rebels and music lovers of all ages from across the globe. The trio are on […]

94/9 Independence Jam Sold Out!

SNOOZE YOU LOOSE!!!! This is going to be an awesome beach-side show!

FM 94/9 Independence Jam

Damn, I wish I still lived in Carlsbad/San Diego (for countless reasons). This would be just a fun drunken bike ride away. I will be there nonetheless, soaking up that beautiful San Diego sun as I listen to some of my favorite bands on the O’side beach. FM94/9 is bringing back the Independence Jam at […]

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