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6 Stylishly Hot Hairstyles You Must Try This Winter

It’s 2015 and what better way to move forward into the New Year than on a positive note with a fresh, new ‘do. Below we have six stylishly hot hairstyles from three of Los Angeles’ reigning hair experts. From a woman’s unique stormy grey, to a man’s extreme skin fade, both hairstyles will keep you […]

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Hot vs Not: Big Hair, Don’t Care

How do y’all feel about big hair? Some like it smooth and sleek, while others like it big and in your face. This babe’s luscious locks are totally out-of-control, 70s disco style and we’re diggin’ their fun vibes. Not to mention, all that fluff must add some extra warmth during the winter season. No beanie […]

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Hot New Music: Ty Segall and White Fence “Hair”– Album Review

 If you have ever wondered what it would sound like to cut and paste every major development and style of garage rock into one record, Ty Segall and White Fence’s Hair might be your answer. There are elements of the Standells, the Sonics, 80s retro (and slightly country) Paisley Undergrounders Green on Red—and even recent […]