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Hot New Music: Las Kellies “Kellies” – Album Review

Sparking their third studio album off with a zombie surf-punk, organ infested intro,” Las Kellies set the tone for an unusual album full of delectable twists and turns. The fiery threesome from Buenos Aires, Argentina power through Kellies, their 14-track LP dousing your ears with feral garage riffs, exotic dub and a variety of post-punk […]

Latin Invasion: Davila 666, Guadalupe Plata and Las Kellies – Free MP3s

With so much indie music protruding out of Los Angeles and New York, sometime you have to get a ‘lil international to keep things fresh. Below are three of our favorite Latin bands that are currently bustin’ out some amazing tunes and live shows. Check them all out below and get hip to them! Who: […]