Hot New Music: Las Kellies “Kellies” – Album Review

Sparking their third studio album off with a zombie surf-punk, organ infested intro,” Las Kellies set the tone for an unusual album full of delectable twists and turns. The fiery threesome from Buenos Aires, Argentina power through Kellies, their 14-track LP dousing your ears with feral garage riffs, exotic dub and a variety of post-punk sounds. With their album tracks averaging a little under two minutes, in true classic punk style — the girls give each individual song their own unique personality. Whether they’re howling like wild coyotes or singing in one of the seven languages that grace this catchy album (Spanish, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Catalan and French), Las Kellies have definitely grabbed our attention. The girls have managed to create a record that even the worst A.D.D case won’t stray from. Track-after-track, listeners are left wondering what kind of musical journey are these chicks gonna take us on next.

While purely instrumental numbers such as “Bife Dos,” “Cous Cous” and “Adwenture” excersize your brain with some dope tempos and heavy bass lines — the upbeat pleasures of “Perro Rompebolas” and “Erase You” will have you bouncing off the walls. In a sense, Las Kellies have made an album similar to that of cocaine or ecstasy: it peaks with energetic moments of cymbals and guitars and then comes down with erie orchestrations of smooth surf-rock.

The adorable trio play with your head as they sing in one of their many languages. You want to sing along but have no idea what the hell they are saying except for when you’re able to piece together recognizable words. With their shortest track, “Scotch Whiskey,” the title leads you to believe it’s a party song. Then you hear the word “69” in the mix and you know that there’s some naughty business happening in this playful ditty.

While most budding girl groups try to emulate the over used shoe-gaze style of Warpaint, Las Kellies have taken a unique direction with their music fusing sexy mania, a ‘lil dub and a whole lot of cultural diversity. These girls get major brownie points for singing their tunes in a language other than English.

Las Kellies are currently on a U.K and European tour but we’re hoping they make their way to North America — specifically Los Angeles, California.

Album Review by Sandra Burciaga


Artist: Las Kellies
Album: Kellies
Label: Fire Records
Release Date: July 5, 2011


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