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Animal Collective photo
Animal Collective transform Fonda Theatre into a psychedelic carnival

Animal Collective Transforming the confines of the Fonda Theatre into some bizarre carnival of psychedelic extravagance, Baltimore-trio Animal Collective gave fans a sensory overload drawn straight from the depths of their extensive discography. As the creative engines behind the group, Geologist, Avery Tare, and Panda Bear stood onstage illuminated by chromatic beams of light and […]

Animal Collective tease album with dizzying new track “Lying in the Grass”

There’s always been a measurable amount of freaky experimentalism within the abruptly groovy and psychedelic tones of Animal Collective, but the band’s latest single “Lying in the Grass” from the upcoming¬†Painting With is haltingly emphatic with its whirlwind of synth buzzing and staccato vocals. Rolling forward on a haphazard beat of giddy¬†hums and warbles, the […]

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