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Swervedriver and Gateway Drugs light up The Roxy with electrifying performances

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The strong survive. Evolve or die. All that. It explains why so many unique and beautiful-in-their-own-way kinds of life exist on our planet. Species that can no longer exist in the world die off; others evolve around changes in their environment and survive. Evolution can give you a perfect creature, like […]

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Win Tickets to Swervedriver at The Roxy

Photo Source – Swervedriver Facebook  U.K. indie rock, shoegaze outfit Swervedriver are back in the saddle with their first new album release since the late ’90s, I Wasn’t Born To Lose You due out March 3rd on Cobraside Records. The band is headlining The Roxy on Thursday, March 5th – don’t miss out, instead be of the […]