Sex Pistols New Album?

Never mind the bullocks! Looks like the Sex Pistols will be releasing a new album after a long 31 years. Many iconic punk bands have returned the past years, even with out the powerful influence of some of their members. From the New York Dolls to the Dead Kennedys, they’ve all cut new albums and gone on tour. After tearing it up at Isle Of Wight Festival on Saturday, June 14, the surviving memebers of the Sex Pistols are at it again.

“There could be a new record. That would be nice,” the Sun quoted Lydon as saying.

“But I won’t do anything in a patronising way. The music, the subject and the attitude all have to be right at the same time. Everything has to be from the heart,” he said.

Besides these hopeful quotes, check out the shit talk Johnny Rotten laid down on Cold Play (who I love) and rival 70’s rockers The Stranglers. Shit’s pretty funny and it’s still evident the Rotten just don’t give a fuck.

3 thoughts on “Sex Pistols New Album?

  1. Jimmy McDowall

    That will be mega if it works.The Sex Pistols were massive when I was at primary school,but will they have that same influence again.

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