In the hot summer weather, with unexepected downpours, two 20-year old film students from Illinois are rollin’ the concrete through America. Traveling 850 miles to New York City all on skateboard this is gonna be one gnarley ride.

Michael Kosciesza and Arthur Swidzinski left June 2 from Millennium Park and have since been riding 400 miles. Currently somewhere in Ohio, the two hope to reach Time Square in about a month. The Columbia College students are accompanied by two friends on bicycles, who are filming the journey for a documentary to be called “Shred America.”

Shit sounds cool. Hope they meet some interesting people along the way to keep the documentary exciting … you know like chicks, drunks, cougars, bums, cops, skater haters. That sort of shit always get laughs and reactions. Good on you boys! Peep the blog here.