Although my musical tastes are so set in the rock n’ roll greatness that has branched from the 60’s and 70’s, I do love a lot of the kick ass tunes we are graced with today. Better yet, I love when these kick ass tunes sprout from my home San Diego, California. It just seems like more and more awesome bands are coming out of this beautiful city. Which by the way was featured in SPIN magazine’s May issue under the “Rock City” section. You go whales vagina!

The Exfriends are pretty much rad. Reppin’ San Diego, their music is fun, sweet, quirky, with a smooth flowin’ twang. Front man Matt Curreri has a great voice that complements their clever instrumentals so well. It’s soothing yet cheeky, with an attractive element to it, kind of like that of Matt Costa with a dash Pete Doherty. And Joanie Mendenhall is right up there with him fusing her cute voice into the mix. Their sound is like a delicous fruit cup with a variety of flavors. They don’t shy away from using more than the typical rock band instruments. With Kevin Gossett, Ray Suen, and Tyler Ward also creating this magical musical medly, they definitely quench that sweet craving for good music.

Coming at you July 9, The Exfriends release “Joy of Life”, a new 12 song album on City Salvage Records, Brooklyn. I’m diggin “Dirty Stayout,” with it’s genuine lyrics and lullaby intro, you’re swiftly led into an up beat ho-down narrated by the honesty of the human flaws in us all. Check em out here and watch them live at the Belly Up Tavern’s 34 year anniversary party this Wednesday July 9.