Maloof Money Cup Wrap-up By: Sandra Burciaga

Paul Rodriguez with his Dad holding the $100,000 1st place street check.

Well after three fun-filled days of intense skating, the Maloof Money Cup has come to an end. Of all the skate competitions and events I’ve been to, the Maloof Money Cup definitely topped the charts for me, as well as for many pro skaters, industry associates, media, and fans. There was an insane display of skating shown and a variety of tricks pulled for the first time ever. The shit was off the hook!

Besides the sweet eye candy going around for both men and women, there were also some interesting looking characters. The Etnies festival village was like Halloween all over again for all the little groms trick or treating with their CCS grab bags going booth to booth for some swag. Lots of great give-aways from Black Box Distribution, LRG, Blitz, and more!

As for the VIP amenities, the goods were grand! With lots of free cold bevies from Vitamin Water and Coors, our bodies were always hydrated with something in the intense summer heat. Free turkey and prime rib dinners, Carls Jr, Pizza Hut, and a bunch of other delicious delights were provided in large abundance leaving our appetites satisfied. The Monster Energy lounge kept us refreshed and cool with some guitar hero action going hitting the big screens.

The only downer was the gestapo-like security and too many different wristbands giving inconsistent levels of clearance. Lots of media and pro skaters were getting hassled, but we all prevailed in the end. With all the VIPs and media on board it was a crowded house, but all the designated areas gave us great views of the competition for some and not so much for others.

Night life was fully of crazy shananigans especially at the etnies party at The Huddle and of course the Radisson Hotel in Newport. Too many funny-fun times! As for Sutra, well we all know I hate clubs like Sutra and the douches that frequent them. We did make a quick stop there before hitting the etnies party, but left as soon as we saw five shiny shirts (A Night at the Roxbury steez) and one too many stuck-up OC bubble heads. Nonetheless, they rolled out the red carpet, VIP photo wall, and had Dilated Peoples performing.

All in all, the Maloof Money Cup was absofuckinlutely fantastic! Check out the final results below and be sure to pick up the August issue of LUCID Magazine for a six-page spread on the entire event. Lots of photos, interviews and funny shit to be read! Click here to view the San Diego premiere issue.


1st – Paul Rodriguez $100,000 and Nixon watch worth $10,000
2nd — Nyjah Huston $40,000
3rd – Chris Cole $25,000
4th – Ryan Sheckler $15,000
5th – Darrell Stanton $6,250
6th — Jereme Rogers $5,000
7th – Terry Kennedy $4,000
8th – Andrew Reynolds $3,000
9th – Greg Lutzka $2,500
10th – Dennis Busenitz $2,000
11th – Adam Dyet $1,500
12th – Tommy Sandoval $1,250
13th – Billy Marks $1,000
14th – Kurtis Colamonico $1,000
15th – Sean Malto $1,000
16th – Bryan Herman $750
17th – Eric Koston $750
18th – Mike Carroll $750
19th – Jake Duncombe $500
20th – Sierra Fellers $500


1st — Pierre-Luc Gagnon $75,000, a New Ford Flex SUV and Nixon watch worth $10,000
2nd –Shaun White $35,000
3rd –Bucky Lasek $20,000
4th — Danny Mayer $10,000
5th – Sandro Dias $6,000
6th – Andy MacDonald $5,000
7th — Bob Burnquist $4,000
8th – Lincoln Ueda $3,000
9th – Rodrigo Menenez $2,000
10th — Rob Buster Halterman $1,000
11th – Rune Glifberg $250
12th – Rob Lorifice $250
13th – Neal Hendrix $250
14th – Alex Perelson $250
15th — Jake Brown $250
16th – Josh Stafford $250
17th – Darren Navarrette $250
18th – Jean Postec $250
19th – Max Dufour $250
20th – Adam Taylor $250


1st – Lacey Baker $25,000 and a Nixon watch worth $10,000
2nd – Rachel Reinhard $8,000
3rd — Vanessa Torres $4,000
4th – Elissa Steamer $2,000
5th – Leticia Bufoni $1,500
6th – Amy Caron $250
7th – Lorena Lima $250
8th – Lauren Perkins $250
9th – Evelien Bouilliart $250
10th – Marissa Del Santo $250


Lane 1 — Greg Lutzka Frontside-flip Back Lipslide $2,000
Lane 2 — Jake Duncombe Bluntslide to Back Nose-blunt $2,000
Lane 3 — Greg Lutzka Frontside 270 Kickflip Nose-blunt $2,000
Lane 4 — Leo Romero Frontside Nose-blunt Upledge $2,000
Lane 5 — Nyjah Houston Big Spin Flip to Frontside Boardslide $5,000

Chris Cole won the Es Game of SKATE at $15,000 big ones!

Be sure to catch all of the action from the Maloof Money Cup on CBS, Sunday, July 20, 2008 at noon PST.

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