Mondo Hollywood

All music gets revived: especially blues and 60’s garage of the late. You can hear it in The Black Keys, Jay Reatard, even the back beats in Beck’s new album “Modern Guilt.” With bands like Blue Cheer and The Electric Prunes playing shows once again, many newbies have come into the light fusing the music of the past with their own dirty garage steez of today. Check out Mondo Hollywood, August 9-10 at Crash Mansion LA for some oldies and a whole batch of emerging kick ass bands that will rock your socks off! And yes, it’s taken from the name of the low-budget 1967 documentary “Mondo Hollywood.”  I highly recommend checkin’ this flick as it was banned in France as “a danger to mental health.” Peep the trailer below. And don’t forget to go to the show!



The line up goes as followed:

Bands will play on two stages.

Line Up For Saturday, August 9th

Mary Weiss (of the Shangri-Las)

The Guana Batz

Kim Lenz & the Jaguars

Magic Christian (featuring Cyril Jordan “Flamin Groovies”, Clem Blurke “Blondie” and Eddie Munoz “The Plimsouls”)

The Lords of Altamont

Luis & the Wildfires

Muck & the Mires

The Tabaltix

The Love Me Nots

Gamblers Mark

Rockin Ryan & the Real Goners

The Volcanics

Jail Weddings

Shaun Kama & the Kings of the Wild Frontier

Bad Luck Bandits

The SideWynders

Line Up For Sunday, August 10th

The Polecats

The Electric Prunes

The Moonlight Cruisers

Devil Doll

The Loons


Johnny Legend

The Brimstone Howl

The Hexxers

The Woolly Bandits

The Beat Killers

Champagne Velvet

Charlie & the Valentine Killers

The Riff Raffs


Doors are at 2pm each day.

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