When I think of musical tastemakers, trendsetters or any person with a keen ear for quality music, I instantly envision a goofy lookin’ Rodney Bingenheimer. With dorky bangs and an almost a dwarf status, that man is a legend: the “Mayor of the Sunset Strip.” In the same turn, you got the famed British disc jockey and music journalist, John Peel. Now if you don’t know who he is, you probably have boring taste in music or just no standing knowledge. Though he is no longer around to instill your feening minds with some fresh picks, his new book, “The Olivetti Chronicles: Notes On Life, Music And Facial Hair” is due out this coming October 23. A follow up to his posthumous memoirs, “Margrave Of The Marshes,” this new read has articles personally selected by Peel’s wife Sheila, and feature musings on Tubular Bells, Eurovision, shaving and the loss of virginity. Pick either book up, and enlighten yourself.