Is Keith Richards really a cat with 9 lives? Cause shit, that man should have been dead a looooong time ago. Thank the rock n’ roll gods above for not taking him yet because he is one bad ass rocker! He was knocked out by electric shock onstage in 1965; wrecked his Nazi staff car in 1969; fell asleep in midsentence during a television interview in 1974; suffered broken ribs when books dropped off his home library shelves in 1998; fell out of a coconut tree in Fiji in 2006; and possibly snorted his dad’s ashes the next year. Not to mention all the mass sex, drugs and alcohol: the man is a fuckin legend! Well the old fogie mag (not really, but really) AARP highlights “50 Reasons to Love Being 50” and good ole Keith makes it to #14! I guess I better pick up a copy of the September/October issue at my Mom’s house.