It's a Roky Erickson Halloween Again

For all of you that weren’t fortunate enough to catch Roky Erickson last Halloween, the psychedelic rock pioneer will be ghouling all out again this October. Touring with Texas’ very own The Black Angels, a pretty groovy band on the rise, Roky is currently in the studio with these boys. Lucky for them, they’ll be able to cover “Two Headed Dog” and “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, along with some unreleased Erickson material. Both bad ass songs, with “Your Gonna Miss Me” also being the title of Roky’sdocumentary, which you NEED to check out. The shit’s crazy, yet beautiful, it will move you and help you understand this legendary rocker.

Roky will also be be playing the Austin City Limits this coming September 26-28, with my favorite duo The Black Keys and many other great bands. Get on the Roky road ahead and don’t miss any of this good shit, otherwise it’s your loss, so don’t be a mark!

Roky and The Black Angels Tour:

October 4th: Granada Theatre – Dallas, TX

October 28th: The Showbox – Seattle, WA

October 29th: The Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR

October 31st: El Rey – Los Angeles, CA

November 1st: Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA

November 2nd: Great American Music Hall – San Fransciso, CA

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