Nike Kicks out the Homeless

Looks like the big fat corpo giant that was once just a bulky basketball brand, yet now boasts a shit load of skateboarding, is greedy for more! But this time at the expence of some homeless peeps in Japan. Miyashita Park, a public park in central Tokyo is soon to become (you guessed it) “Nike Park.” You know, I was never a fan of Nike as part of my personal steez, I guess I just correlate it too much with a certain “other” style, but they have done a phenomenal job of jumping on the skateboarding bandwagon and enticing a bunch of idiots to collect their trendy Dunks and what not. Nonetheless, I think the 34 homeless heads in Miyashita park would be pleasantly delighted to view some live skating going on in their very own back yard. Maybe Nike will have a kind heart and let the homeless homies lurk about and chill with the skaters, I’m sure the skaters won’t mind. If anything, I know my friends would probably just shoot the shit with them and smoke some bluntz.

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