If you ain’t Green you aint hip, that’s the going tune these days. Leave it up to them electro crazed Euros to be the first to bring you “The Worl’d First Sustainable Dance Club,”coming at you in Rotterdam. For all you num-nums, sustainable is going Green, using big mother earth’s natural resources, and Rotterdam is a cool spot in Holland (Netherlands).

The world’s very first Sustainable Dance Club recently let partygoers loose on its energy-generating dance floor to the sound of Iggy Pop & The Stooges! Originally rumored to be opened by Amy Winehouse, club Watt, features a LED-laden dance floor that is lit up solely by the kinetic energy generated by dancers. The new nightclub will also feature a variety of efficiency standards established by the Sustainable Dance Club group that allow it to save 30% on energy consumption, 50% on water use, cut CO2 emissions by 30%, and reduce waste by 50%.

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