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Trapdoor Social
Album Premiere — Stream This Year’s Greenest LP: Trapdoor Social’s Self-Titled Debut

Trapdoor Social is not your average alt rock band. The two founding members, Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk, met at Pomona College and released their first EP in 2012. Since that first release, Graves and Funk have led ambitious careers, incorporating a sense of social responsibility in everything they do; their eponymous full-length debut contains […]

Contest: Win Tickets to Global Green USA’s Oscar Party with Black Rebel Motorcyle Club, Portugal. The Man & Best Coast

CONTEST CLOSED Los Angeles music, film and environmental aficionados, this is the hot Oscar event for you! Global Green USA is putting on quite the pre-Oscar party with an awesome musical line-up: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Portugal. The Man, Best Coast, DJ Jeremy Sole (KCRW) and a special DJ set by Solange Knowles, with more […]

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Pedal to Podium

I just don’t understand how some people can’t be environmentally conscious. It really annoys me when people litter, especially while driving. Or those that choose not to recycle out of sheer laziness, with laziness leading into over weight couch potatoes. Or how bout them fools that drive their cars to run errands that are less […]

Bamboo Toruture or Bamboo Skateboards?

In certain regions of China, fast growing bamboo may reach growth rates of 3 feet per day. Taking grotesque advantage of the plant, the Chinese once used bamboo to skewer criminals. That’s right, they wold toruture those they deemed “criminals” with bamboo. The victim was tied across a field of bamboo plant with pointed tips. […]

The World’s First Sustainable Dance Club opens in Rotterdam

If you ain’t Green you aint hip, that’s the going tune these days. Leave it up to them electro crazed Euros to be the first to bring you “The Worl’d First Sustainable Dance Club,”coming at you in Rotterdam. For all you num-nums, sustainable is going Green, using big mother earth’s natural resources, and Rotterdam is […]

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Check out the new Creature Site

Green as Goo and climbing back up through your kitchen drain … From the depths of hell straight to your monitor!!! Creature’s new website has been unleashed on the internet.. This budweiser and jameson fueled masterpiece can be viewed at creatureskateboards.com and includes things like a list of dudes and some skulls and stuff. Don’t […]