I just don’t understand how some people can’t be environmentally conscious. It really annoys me when people litter, especially while driving. Or those that choose not to recycle out of sheer laziness, with laziness leading into over weight couch potatoes. Or how bout them fools that drive their cars to run errands that are less than a couple miles away? I can go on and on, but let’s hear something positive (apparently I’m REALLY good at complaining).  I love discovering more and more companies focusing on the good of our planet and health. We all know that bicycling is super “hip” these days, as is going green. Good thing these trends are very good for your health and the world we live in.Check out the goods going on at Podium Distribution (Matix, DVS, Lakai):

In an attempt to encourage healthy and environmentally conscious living practices among its employee base, Podium Distribution has launched the Pedal To Podium program. Pedal To Podium encourages employees to ride bikes to work and lunch instead of driving their cars.

I think I just might pedal on on over there with some green tea and granola in my basket. Read the full press release here.