Album Premiere — Stream This Year’s Greenest LP: Trapdoor Social’s Self-Titled Debut

Trapdoor Social

Trapdoor Social

Trapdoor Social is not your average alt rock band. The two founding members, Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk, met at Pomona College and released their first EP in 2012. Since that first release, Graves and Funk have led ambitious careers, incorporating a sense of social responsibility in everything they do; their eponymous full-length debut contains bold messages of environmentalism that shouldn’t be ignored. Stream the album below before it officially comes out tomorrow.

I was introduced to Trapdoor Social back in June, when I attended Sunstock Solar Fest, the completely solar powered music festival that the group had actually organized themselves. The event wasn’t their first foray into alternative energy- Trapdoor Social has toured the US several times, powering their shows using solar panels that line their tour van. They continue to travel with their mobile solar panels, and have just begun another tour across the country in support of the new LP.

Their charity work isn’t what defines Trapdoor Social, though; that of course depends on the music. Their sound is guitar-driven but dynamic, at times roaring with the energy of Arctic Monkeys like in their single “Sunshine”; other tracks such as “Great Lake,” or the ballad “This Hell” feel more grounded. The juxtaposition gives the album depth, and makes it a memorable summer listen.

Trapdoor Social are currently on tour. The band just played Los Angeles dates at both The Satellite and The Hi Hat, as well as the aforementioned Sunstock Solar Festival. See their full schedule of tour dates here.

Words: Zoë Elaine

Stream Trapdoor Social’s debut album below!


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Trapdoor Social

One thought on “Album Premiere — Stream This Year’s Greenest LP: Trapdoor Social’s Self-Titled Debut

  1. WalterAnthony

    Having dee jayed, for 14 years, not too much new music gets passed me. Almost couldn’t say that about Trapdoor Special. Great vocals, tight band,
    Sounds like nothing else out there. Surprise and Refreshingly new and enjoyable, especially for a trip down da shore. TURN IT UP!!!

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