Coachella Do's and Don'ts


  • Schedule – Plan out your day accordingly. Use the Coachooser and don’t expect to see every band or entire set.
  • Sun Block – Lather it on cos you’ll get burned. Especially all you zonies that don’t know shit about the desert heat.
  • Lockers – Get a locker asap before they’re gone. Stash a sweater in there for nightfall. It gets chilly!
  • Ditch Your Friends – Put yourself out there to enjoying music on your own schedule and to meet new people, it’s the goods.
  • Hydrate – Please, please, please drink lots of water this week and during the festival.  Coachella has a great water program to save you some cash. Take your vitamins too!
  • Hygiene – Don’t be a Coasmella. There’s nothing more nasty than some dirty sweat ball all up in your face, smelling like rancid onions on a rotten pork loaf. Bring deodorant and baby wipes!
  • Respect –  Be nice to other concert goers: their space, pushing, spilling drinks, stepping on toes, cuting lines, etc. I’ll be the first to admit, I get annoyed easily but I still try to be nice. Just don’t step on my feet or be a chatty Cathy while I’m gettin’ my tunes on.
  • Camera – Make the most of you Coachella memories and put them on film. It’s a great place to people watch, oh the funny characters. From the hippies, to the hipsters, to the jocks, to the sluts, you’ll have a field day watching this circus go round.
  • Money – You’re gonna need it if you wanna drink! Brews are expensive but well worth it. Just make sure you hydrate with water!
  • Have Fun – Enjoy the music, enjoy the art, enjoy the people, enjoy the dancing, enjoy the sun, enjoy life.


  • Complain – No one likes a Debbie downer. If you can’t handle the heat, get the fuck out of Coachella.
  • Be afraid – Let loose, do things you wouldn’t normally do. Whether it’s dancing,  wondering solo or kissing some random hottie. Just do it! It will make your experience all the more memorable.
  • Heels –  it’s a fuckin grass polo field ladies (and some gents). You can really hurt some toes with them stilletos.
  • Make-up – another one for the ladies (uh, and some gents).  It’s just gonna melt off your face and get on everyone’s clothes. I never understand why they pile on the goo  and fake penciled eye brows at these events.
  • Forget – Dude! Where’s my Car! Write down where you parked and your hotel address. Believe me, I fell victim to this in 06′, ridiculous memeories nonetheless.

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  1. The Lord of Venice

    Pretty sweet blog Sandy. Told you I’d peep it. Now will you oblige to my request?

    Hermosa was fun, but you know the Venice manor is where it’s at kid!

    “Kiss me Deadly”

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