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Boobs with paint
Hot vs Not: Painted Boobs

Painted boobs, boob paint, paint bras—call it what you like, but these risque ensembles are quite popular at music festivals. What do you think of this HOT vs NOT fashion statement? They seem to hang well. We give it a “HOT.”  This photo was taken from our photo gallery of Moon Block Party’s Halloween showcase, […]

Hot vs Not: Fur Fat

It may be a lil chilly at SFO (San Francisco Airport) but for shit’s sake, does your fat arse really need a fur coat? I wonder how many poor rabbits it took to make this fat man’s coat. PETA would not be happy with this! Pffft! Photo by Ben Meier

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Coachella Do's and Don'ts

DO: Schedule – Plan out your day accordingly. Use the Coachooser and don’t expect to see every band or entire set. Sun Block – Lather it on cos you’ll get burned. Especially all you zonies that don’t know shit about the desert heat. Lockers – Get a locker asap before they’re gone. Stash a sweater […]

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