“Crossing The Rubicon” by The Sounds – Album Review

thesounds_crossingtherubicon_204It’s their third album! With a huge venue tour opening for No Doubt and judging by the sounds of this album, they’re gearing up for that TRL appearance. Sorry, not trying to be a negative Nancy here, but again I find myself not too impressed with another album today. It’s a bit more slow—less rock riffs this time around with tons of catchy hooks and a dash of new wave tones. Not bad, but I wan to hear that raw, edgy, spunky sound that makes The Sounds who they are. I sense no firecracker Maja Ivarsson here, nor do I expect her to stage-dive to any of the songs on this album, like she so did on the “Dying To Say This To You” tour. But this very well can be the album that brings them mainstream success. I can see tweens all around singing along . . .

My favorite song on the “Crossing The Rubicon” however, is “Beatbox.” It has a cool disco twist and a Maja flow, reminiscent to Blondie when she flows on “Rapture,” I also like the reference they make to “Tony The Beat” from “Dying To Say This To You.” Their first single No One Sleeps When I’m Awake,” is pretty good too. Download it for free at the-sounds.com.

Check it out “Crossing The Rubicon” for your self on AOL’s Spinner.

One thought on ““Crossing The Rubicon” by The Sounds – Album Review

  1. rubyrockette

    Totally agree. It’s very pop and no edge. Good legit review while still being nice.

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