Jenny Owen Youngs Transmitter Failure2“Transmitter Failure” by Jenny Owen Youngs – Do all Jenny’s have the same sweet voice? I totally dig Jenny Owen Youngs’ voice and the entire “Transmitter Failure” album. Definitely a chick album, but I’m sure you men that are secure enough to listen to and recognize good music would enjoy her delectable voice and words. On her second album, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter looks to build upon her success of her self-released debut, which was picked up by a label after a song from when it appeared on Showtime’s “Weeds.” “Transmitter Failure” has both bitter sweet lyrics to the tune of a comforting lullaby (“Nighty Night”), whilst flipping the switch to bring in some fun edgy words and tunes that can get a lil drity (“Clean Break”). The album has great lyrics about heartbreak, and how fucked relationships can be, something we can all relate to. Thirteen tracks of sheer goods you need to cop!