"Science and Sorcery" by Wolf & Cub – Album Review

Wolf-and-cubThe Aussies are just coming in hot. Last week we reviewed St. Helen’s awesome album “Heavy Profession,” and now Wolf & Cub is stimulating our aural appendages with some more kick-ass Australian sound. Coming through with a proper follow up to their psychedelic debut “Vessels,” their new goods “Science and Sorcery” delivers a cosmic soundscape filled with dark holes and exploding galaxies of music you can dance to. Featuring two drummers, this Adelaide quartet can pound out the big riffs, ground-shaking basslines and drum beats to make your panties drop.

Their opening track “Seven Sevens” pumps you up for the proceeding tracks of the album. It has a great dance vibe to it with a tripped-out indie sound. “What Are They Running” is another favorite. If this song doesn’t allure you to run around buck-naked under the stars (and under the influence), then you’re just a square bear that needs to pull the stick out of their ass and loosen up a bit. It’s psychedelic dance rock at its best with an Afro twist.

After supporting acts such as TV On The Radio, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother, and more, Wolf & Cub are paving a smooth road to becoming the headlining act. Download their track “Seven Sevens” here and check out the video to their new single, “One To The Other” here. Good shit and a definite album to add to your collection.

Tracklisting:ScienceandSorcery art
1. Seven Sevens
2. What Are They Running
3. One To The Other
4. Master
5. Spider’s Web
6. Restless Sons
7. Hearts
8. The Loosest of Gooses (Go On Your Own)
9. Blood
10. Burden

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