HC_vinyl_cover_loresHugh Cornwell is a man of the people. The original vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter for punk and new-wave legends The Stranglers, has made his new album, “Hooverdam,” available for free download to anyone and everyone… right now! The music is available worldwide from Hugh’s website www.hughcornwell.com, which can be viewed in twelve languages.

Why make it available for free? “Everything that’s ever been recorded or filmed is now online and free – whether the copyright owners like it or not, and any work of artists that is honest – either from decades ago or right now – has intellectual value that will always translate into monetary value,” explains Charles Kennedy, head of Invisible Hands Music. This is a great record, made without ProTools, AutoTune, or any other piece of performance-enhancing stuff. It comes from the heart of a great thinker, writer and musician, and will be shared and listened to for decades to come.

Download “Hooverdam” FREE here!