Sunset Junction 2009 Day 1

Clowns can be happy and scary, and SEXY!

Clowns can be happy and scary, and SEXY!

“Bloody hell, there’s so many hot girls here!” My Aussie partner-in-crime could not help but notice how many lovely ladies were at this year’s Sunset Junction. Clad in sun dresses, daisy dukes and skin tight leggings, the ladies were dressed to kill in a sweet potpourri of different flavors. One in the same, the men were looking mighty fine themselves. Since it was one of the hottest weekends in Cali, there were a lot of sexy skins running around with their tan bodies glistening under the sun.

Although it was a hot night, we were lucky to cruise into the Junction around 6. Islands put on a stellar performance and got the crowd moving and grooving. Those guys are quite the fashionably funky bunch and super chill too. Next up was Conner Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band. It was quite the treat to see him get fun and folky. Very refreshing from his emo days of Bright Eyes. The man is definitely talented and although him and The Mystic Valley Band aren’t quite my thang, they play a great live set. It’s great to see him excel at two very different genres.

With a fun buzz floating in our heads we then wondered to the carnival zone. Went in the Funhouse (which was pretty crappy, except for the couple getting down in the maze of mirrors) and took a run down the Big Slide. I think the potato sacks needed to be longer though because I kept loosing speed once my legs touched the slide.

We closed the night with an AWESOME time at the 4100 Bar. It was like a hedonistic hipster ho-down! Everyone was pretty drunk and just dancing up a storm to the awesome tunes playing on the juke box. Drinks spilling everywhere, smiles abound and kisses on the run; the 4100 was the spot to be.

5 thoughts on “Sunset Junction 2009 Day 1

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  3. Sandy

    Thanks! Stay tuned for pics from day two! And a few more stragglers from day one. Photog is in major lag mode of sending me the rest of the shots!

  4. J

    This is a must next year for sure, first time experience for me and it was the best party I been too in a while, anywhere you can drink in the streets is dope, the best thing was that it appeared from my view to be pretty much drama free no fights or police abuse as far as I seen from my all day drinking bing. Dope coverage from grimy goods Im glad I found this site.

  5. Kristine G

    Looks like an awesome time! :o)

    I do confess that there is something kinda hawt about those clown-gals.

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