Bridezilla at the Echo

IMG_3017After reviewing their EP, I already knew these lil Aussies barely out of high school were quite the talent. As for their live performance this past Thursday night at the Echo, well, uh …

they were excellent.

Front woman, Holiday Carmen-Sparks’ vocals are ever-so enchanting even more so when she’s standing less than three feet away from you. With a bombshell Marilyn Monroe-like presence her vocals are out of this world amazing as they are alluring. Through intervals of intensity spawned by her equally apt counterparts, her diaphragm was hard at work belting out vocals out as far deep as her toes! At one point I thought she had been possessed by Bjork!

Although I’m sure their adolescent age contributed to their shy factor, I wish the shreddy violinist, Daisy Tulley had graced the crowd more with her epic skills. I could hear her cut some amazing shit on that violin of hers, bringing their set to insane peaks of emotion, but her back was turned to us the majority of the show.

Riding the wave of shred right up there with her, saxophonist Millie Hall blew some pretty mean brass. At one point the two were driving some crazy build up as Sparks’ vocals were conjuring a powerful spirit of emotion and intensity: gave me chills up my spine.

The guitarist, Pia MayCourtley is a lil tart with her ruby red lips and cool yet calm and collective stage presence. The only, and lucky man of the group to play alongside these rockettes, Josh Bush, was handling his own on the drums. Not to mention he was quite the cutie patootie.

Get their EP. Go see them live. You’ll be awe-struck.

PS – Model/Actress was pretty¬† damn sweet too! With two bassists and two guitarists, the stage was a rockin’ sword fight. Drummer was pretty bad ass too!

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