Drawn like hot buttah over a phat lobster tail of beats, if you like to move and groove, you need to get on Bobby Birdman’s latest album “New Moods.” Bobby has quite the smooth vocals ready to melt any girl’s heart. Combine that with a an exotic potpourri of beats, enticing guitars, unstoppable drumlines and dominating sub bass, you got yourself a pretty kick-ass album.

“New Moods” is the kind of album you never get sick of. Addictive like great sex, it will give your ears a delicious musical orgasm. While the vibe is high and flowing with dancehall rhythms, opening track “Only For A While” comes off as sweet as its lyrics. Flipping the switch you enter a bass heavy world of thumbs and claps with bombastic track “Dust Design.” Keeping it hot with a variety of musical stylings, Bobby doesn’t fail to charm with more delicate ballads such as “Weighty Wait.” As one of my favorite tracks on the album, it glistens with such a soothing element, somewhat of a sexy lullaby.

Budding with dazzling a cappella, “Silent But Violent” it is a refreshing intermission from the beat mania dominated through the first half of the album. Nonetheless, the beat goes on with the remaining tracks, thus wrapping up an album full of tantalizing tunes, with the power to both relax or pump yo shit up!

Words: Sandy B.