BobbybirdmanNow this is some shit I can get down to. But wait, who the fuck is  Bobby Birdman? I’m not familiar with this guy and I hoped he cleared his moniker with Tony Hawk or that one rapper dude, but damn he’s got quite the alluring vocals. Drawn like hot buttah over a phat lobster tail of beats, rhythm and soul, check  out his new track “Only For a While” here. It’s pretty damn yummy.

On “New Moods,” his most focused and complete musical effort to date, upbeat pop anthems jostle up against shimmering slow a cappella numbers, while New Orleans bounce, dancehall, and hyphy funnel noisily into each self-produced pop number. Sun-drenched guitars and Bobby Birdman’s characteristic, unfuckwithable new-school croon wash over drumline weirdness and tyrannical sub bass, like a rogue wave on the Malibu beaches he frequently surfs.

“New Moods” drops Nov. 10 off of Fryk Beat.

Track Listing: bobbybirdmannewmoods

01 Only For A While
02 Dust Design
03 What You Say
04 Weighty Wait
05 Victory At Sea
06 Bloody Mess
07 Silent But Violent
08 You’d Be Surprised
09 Setting Sun
10 Truth Be Told
11 Well Sprung
12 Back and Forth