Flowing with a charming indie aesthetic, while holding down a bold country swagger, Wires in the Walls is yet another gifted band arising from the City of Angels. Although the four gents are natives to the East Coast, they’ve made a handsome addition to the LA music scene with their unique blend of genres. They’re not just country, They’re not just indie and they’re not just rock n’ roll—Wires in the Walls are sweet listening to your ears that you just can’t deny.


In their latest EP, front-man, Warren Sroka, comes off with a sincere set of vocals similar to that of Conner Oberst, sans the emo whine. With lyrics that tell a story fit for a big screen, Sroka holds powerful emotion in his word. It becomes even morose prolific in songs such as “Seen It Coming.”

In just under a year, Wires in the Wall have managed to record two EPs, tour the East Coast, and play at several of LA’s hottest venues including The Mint, Silverlake Lounge, Hard Rock Cafe, and The Hotel Café. The boys will be taking on their biggest challenge this coming Spring by recording their first full-length album.

If you’re looking for a country ho-down, or some thrashin’ rock-outs, Wires in the Walls won’t fill your cup of tea. However, for those that love some fun jammin’, sweet guitars and enticing lyrics, you should definitely check em’ out.